About Dana Miller Coburn

Dana Miller Coburn is a respected telepathic animal communicator, empath and psychic medium. Dana is also a missing pet specialist/psychic detective and gifted spirit reader & psychic medium for animals crossed over into spirit. She is also a pet counselor and overall expert in dog and cat behavior concerns and issues.

As a professional pet psychic, intuitive and psychic animal medium, Dana has huge compassion and high regard for every individual in both physical and spirit form. It is a lifelong commitment that requires innate natural ability, practice and highly-developed listening skills to be of service in this capacity.

Ms. Miller Coburn is a professional animal communicator with very diverse gifts. In addition to providing general animal communication sessions that may involve varied animal behavior issues or wildlife, Dana specializes in two particular fields that require special telepathic and psychic skill:

First, she helps find missing animals. As a lost pet specialist, her natural gifts have been further advanced by additional training and practice with specialized techniques and intuitive tools also used by psychic detectives for missing persons. With a very good success rate with missing animal cases, she has developed a special protocol especially designed to gather as much information as possible about a missing animal and its current status.

Second, Dana is a psychic medium that can easily connect with animals in spirit as well as with pets that are preparing to make their transition. Animals are deeply spiritual by nature. It is very important to know their wishes and thoughts at this junction for both them and their loved ones. Not all pet communicators have excellent or natural mediumship abilities or are comfortable with end-of-life communications. It is also important to be a sensitive listener and support during a time of pet bereavement and loss.

Dana also regularly communicates telepathically with non-domestic animals and wildlife. Information gleened from coyotes and other species holds value just as does someone’s own cat, dog, or horse. By acting as a telepathic messenger during a wildlife rescue or rehabilitation, it is an important time to convey compassionate human intentions to fearful animals.

Dana was a student of internationally-known author and animal communicator Carol Gurney. She has worked full-time and professionally with clients and their animals both across the United States and internationally since 2002. She has been written up in major publications such as the Los Angeles Times and been featured on ABC Nightline. She is also known as a coyote whisperer, dog whisperer and cat whisperer.

She is also a classically-trained symphony musician and holds a degree in biology with honors.

In addition, Ms. Miller Coburn devotes personal time and effort to animal welfare causes and rescue and has extensive background on the subject of natural animal health and holistic diet. She also teaches meditation and psychic development and has human clientele that request her services for personal psychic counseling.