Dana Miller Coburn

Gifted Animal Communicator, Pet Psychic & Intuitive Animal Specialist

Specializing in Lost & Missing Pets, Difficult Cat & Dog Behavior Problems and Animals in Spirit

dana Dana Miller Coburn is a gifted animal communicator, pet psychic and missing animal specialist. She is also an intuitive empath and a psychic medium for animals crossed over into spirit. Featured on ABC Nightline and the Los Angeles Times, Ms. Miller Coburn demonstrates great telepathic skill as a missing pet specialist. By popular demand, her successful missing animal work and skill set have evolved into a rare specialty for missing pets and psychic pet detection work.

For Dana, communication with animals is considered to be more of an evolving art form rather than merely a “skill”. She also believes that animals can be teachers if we are willing to be open to what they offer u through their messages and actions. We are all connected in some way and it is no accident that our animals are with us.

Ms. Miller Coburn’s years as a professional animal communicator have taught her that animals have a strong need to feel safe with their listener to be able to share what’s really on their minds. Like humans, they are complex emotional beings and have a unique outlook and viewpoint. Her ability to communicate with animals runs much deeper than surface level; she is well-known for eliciting complex and extensive dialogue from animals and has equal ability to communicate the messages to their families in a sensitive and compassionate manner.

Dana has proficient intuitive gifts yet continues to pursue extra layers of psychic training relating to ongoing development of her natural gifts. Special circumstances involving missing animals have enabled her to develop different investigative tools, techniques and methods specifically designed to obtain information about an animal during a missing pet search. It is rare to find a pet communicator dedicated to such a skilled and detailed approach to a missing pet case.

Strong intuitive ability also makes Dana an excellent pet counselor with difficult animal behavior problems. She is also known as an intuitive cat behavior specialist and a dog behavior specialist for having keen insight through many difficult animal-related situations. Others often refer to her as a coyote whisperer, a cat whisperer and a dog whisperer.

Communicating with animals in spirit also requires special sensitivity and ability. Dana is a naturally-gifted psychic medium very capable of communicating with both animals and people in spirit and who have crossed over. She also assists animals close to making their transition who want to share final thoughts and feelings to their human family. She is also a sensitive pet bereavement counselor during times of loss of an animal family member.


News from ABC NIGHTLINE, AUGUST 2, 2010


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