Lost Animal Consultations
Lost Animal Consults

**Please read this introduction if you are considering or requesting a consult for a lost animal.

Cases involving lost animals frequently involve many of the most challenging aspects of animal communication. They can be complicated on many levels and emotionally traumatic for the person whose companion has gone missing. Many communicators will not accept such cases for these reasons.

Dana specializes in lost animal cases. She also commits fully to them and is known for being thorough and providing follow-up work with her cases. She has excellent success with either direct return or as part of a multi-resource search effort, and welcomes those who need help with lost animals.

Dana’s primary role in making contact with a lost animal is to create a bridge of communication and act as a messenger between the animal and its search party. It is meant to provide input from THEIR point of view. In some cases, the animal may provide navigational clues (direction or location) of their whereabouts or key clues to assist you in your search. This depends upon their ability to distinguish and transmit from where they are and is based more upon the animal’s willingness or actual ability to provide those details than on the skill of the communicator. Dana’s secondary role is to discuss a plan of action and review any and all other practical options, when applicable.

**PLEASE NOTE: There is never a guarantee that your animal will communicate anything that may directly aid the physical part of your search. It also does not provide any type of prediction as to outcome of any such case. But it does allow a chance to connect directly with them during their absence and learn as much as possible about their circumstances from their point of view.

People frequently refer to Dana as a “pet psychic”, but she describes herself as an animal communicator. What is the difference between the two? In our opinion, in cases involving lost animals, a person with psychic ability is someone who may be able to identify navigational clues to assist in locating your pet and perhaps contribute other additional information. An animal communicator contacts the animal DIRECTLY and asks them specific questions. Communicators access them in the first-person sense, rather than only acquiring details or impressions of their whereabouts by intuitive sense alone. We believe that one of the key aspects of your search is to know WHY an animal has gone missing. This can have a big effect upon HOW you conduct your search, or if any search should even be undertaken at all. It may be even more important than any navigational clues you may receive from such inquiries.

Some key questions Dana initially asks of a lost animal may be:

  • Are you truly lost, or was your disappearance intentional?
  • Did something happen to bring about this event? (when appropriate, as in an animal being stolen or involved in an unexpected event, for example)
  • Do you need our help to get back home?
  • Are you being held somewhere against your will? (i.e., someone is purposely not returning you or are you stuck somewhere?)
  • Are you okay where you are?
  • What (if anything) do you want us to do to assist you at this time?
  • What do you want us to know about you while you are away?
  • How can we help?
  • What do you want your family to know about your experience at this time?

Animals frequently disappear willfully (more commonly with cats than dogs, but not always). In those instances, a physical search may become less productive or even detrimental to their return. Their journeys, and the obstacles in the way of their return, are usually unpredictable and may change at any time.

When their disappearance is willful, it is important to note some of the reasons why they may not reappear:

  • They have voluntarily chosen the experience. Return is up to them, if they want to at all;
  • They may have wanted to leave home for any reason;
  • The people involved in their search do not follow important instructions that may safeguard their return.

In brief, communicating with a lost animal serves a specific purpose and can be highly useful to your search in whole or in part because it may:

  • Identify specific reasons for disappearance by way of animal’s feedback;
  • Create comfort to them if/when they are truly lost, scared, or feeling lonely;
  • Provide navigational assistance to BOTH parties;
  • Enable the search party to devise a game plan based upon what the animal needs or wants.


A lost animal consult involves a thorough communication and evaluation to determine the animal’s status and desire for help to return home. The session consists of an initial series of questions that have been specifically formulated to identify reasons and needs during their absence. It also allows the missing pet enough time to transmit anything at all that they want you to know.

Once reasons for their disappearance or need for help have been established, a different set of questions may next be employed, depending upon answers to the first part. Dana’s private sessions with missing animals are thorough and extensive and usually require approximately 3 hours in total to communicate with the animal, evaluate and consult with the client.

The flat-rate fee for a comprehensive lost animal consult and evaluation is $385 USD. These cases generally receive priority treatment and are handled within 24 hours or less of a request, but vary based on length of time the animal has been missing or other factors.

Optionally, there are other types of sessions available for lost animals, different from the “private” session. Depending upon unique circumstances surrounding the pet’s disappearance, a live telephone consult--where the client can be present on the telephone while Dana communicates directly with the missing animal-- may be more fitting for the situation. Please see below for rates for a live telephone session.

It is also sometimes preferred for Dana come to the home for an in-home session with a lost animal. Some prefer to hold the session at their home and in person for reasons of personal comfort and spontaneity during this live session. Please see below.


Dana will also accept lost animal consults by telephone. Because she considers these cases to be very sensitive and worthy of her investment of quality time and energy to their situation, it is recommended that lost animal telephone consults run no less than one hour in length and up to 1.5 hours if necessary. Rates for telephone sessions for missing animals are:

60-minutes $195 USD

90-minutes $255 USD

(Rescue rates are offered when appropriate. Please see below for more information.)


Dana has been a rescuer of animals all of her life. In her commitment to animal welfare work and to fellow rescue workers, Dana works with rescue groups and their active associates on a reduced-rate basis when appropriate. If you are a rescuer and work with a 501c3 non-profit animal welfare organization, please advise Dana.

She also considers requests when cases merit serious need for communication and whose caretakers are on limited incomes. In such cases, Dana requests compensation on a voluntary donation basis rather than as fee for service. Please inquire directly for further information.


Dana believes that follow-up sessions can play a critical role in a lost animal search. When they are missing, animals frequently travel and don’t stay stationary. Updating information can be very critical to the success of a case. A client can choose to continue with live updates for the animal as the case unfolds or as the situation progresses. Follow ups are not necessarily recommended for every case; it depends more on whether it is appropriate based on findings during their initial session.

Follow up check-ins include enough time to re-connect with the animal’s energy, re-check their status and any changes since last contact, and allow time for a brief update, conversation, and possible re-strategizing with the client. Follow ups have proven to be very valuable in cases when they do not return immediately and remain on MIA (missing in action) status.

Sometimes it is initially hard to ascertain whether updates may be needed, so they can be purchased at any time after the initial consult. Follow ups may be requested for up to 6 weeks after an initial evaluation; after that time, a full session must be scheduled again.

To find out more about how follow up work can be tailored to the specific needs of your case, please discuss this option with Dana, either during or after your initial missing animal consult. At that point she will know how to better advise for follow ups on your case--or if recommended at all--based on what transpires during the initial consult. Follow-up sessions are not included in the initial session cost.